Day by day metropolitan areas have seen a fast growth in human population as well as in vehicle. This directly results in the requirement of parking lots. Those system required to manage parking space efficient way. Our complete Parking Management System helps people find parking spots quickly, thereby reducing frustration and enhancing the visitors experience as well as helps easily manage parking space for owners and maximize revenue potential.  Parking guidance system indicates the free spaces available at every area at parking at real time as well as efficient means of revenue management system. It can be easily integrate to the access control system, payment, security system, as part of whole parking management system. As vehicle approach of your parking entrance display vacant slots in every level/location with variable message sign.



Parking Management system simplifies the way parking works.

It assists customers by giving them the correct information when trying to find parking lots.

It simplifies payment process and recordkeeping with automation.

It can be monitor remotely.

It saves time of driver to parking.

It helps to satisfy customer.

It increases business of venue owner.

It helps less space cognation.

It helps to reduce illegal parking.

It helps on business analysis at the parking area.

It helps to increase vehicle rotation.



Low energy consumption

Simple setup

Long term reliable

Outdoor and indoor installation available.

Web and mobile based system.

Prepaid payment system.


System Details:

Sensors: Powerful occupancy detection sensor will used for detection of each vehicle. These sensor will send data to Data Managers and Data Managers sends to Data logger and It process to display at information board. Access control managed by RFID and boom barrier. Standalone Kiosk  used to recharge card ( Manually can also be done). Web and mobile application for monitoring and management. Wireless technology used to transfer data.


Technical details:

Sensors: Wire less  ground sensors at parking lot

Led display: 6 line parking summary display

Guidance display: Parking lot way showing display

RFID : It includes RFID card and Reader. RFID reader connected to our central parking management software.

Kiosk: It used to recharge and pay parking fee.

Boom Barrier: It uses to manage access control and it managed by software automatically.

Data Managers: One Data manager manage to connect 20 sensors. It collects from sensors and sends to Data logger.

Data Logger: It collects data from Data Managers and sends commands to data display and guidance display and sends all data to central parking management software.

System Details:


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